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Post-Construction Cleanup

Between the time a construction contractor completes the job and hands over the keys to a new client, a final cleaning crew will need to come into a facility to prepare the space before operations begin. Our post-construction cleaning crew can be quickly brought together so that your business can be turned over to the new clients as soon as possible. You will be pleased by our attention to detail and our commitment to provide the cleanest possible environment for the new business. 


What does a typical post-construction cleanup job look like?

Depending on the arrangement with the construction contractor, we typically come into a job after construction has completed and all large trash items have been removed. When our cleaning crew arrives at a site, we start from the top down.

We begin with high-dusting using gentle dusters on long poles (and we may use ladders or even scissor-lifts if the job requires it). While on that ladder, we also use the opportunity to wipe down light fixtures, signs, (and anything else that has been pre-agreed upon with the client) typically using a micro fiber cloth and a heavily diluted cleaning solution. We then dust everything else that is not considered high-dusting. Surfaces are wiped down with micro-fiber cloths or paper towels, and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected. Toilet bowls are cleaned with toilet-bowl cleaner. Closets and cabinets are vacuumed with a gentle brush extension. Stainless steel surfaces are cleaned with stainless steel cleaner. Windows are first scraped with a flat razor blade, and then washed with a streak-free formula glass cleaner, and mirrors are cleaned with Windex. Towards the end of the cleaning process, the entire floor area is then vacuumed. Finally, the floors are mopped, and the job is done.

In some cases when necessary, we also buff floors, or we may also apply coats of wax to new floor surfaces. And sometimes construction crews leave behind spots and stains on floors which might need to be attended by machine scrubbing.


Whether it is a high-end clothing store being prepared for opening day...


...or a 10 sq. ft. newly renovated bathroom in a restaurant...

warehouse cleaning

...or a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse being handed over to a new owner,

DCCS will make sure that when the keys are handed over to the new client, that they are given in confidence and with their complete satisfaction. 


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